Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things We Do & Are


Welcome to the oonaverse.  We're delighted you're here.

We spend most of our time in other centuries.  Other centuries are, of course, a nice place to visit but this blog was born in part out of our conviction that you really wouldn't want to live there. Here, you will find an idiosyncratic survey of contemporary poetry & poetics as we meander our way through the switchbacks & roadside attractions of the landscape.  

Our provisions include a compass, a kettle, & the ability to subsist solely on root vegetables.  Our tools of choice are collaborative reviews, genuine questions, & ampersands.  Our values are generosity, curiosity, & luminosity. We make good traveling companions.  One of us has strange dreams about bioluminescent animals. The other has a pit bull. 

This blog will feature collaborative reviews, meditations, & interviews, among other things.  (Please do suggest other things!)  You can read more about the primary contributors (us) 
here & here. You can follow us on social media, and (of course) you can comment here. We're genuinely excited to hear about new & innovative poetry & blogs & phenomena. We're always on the lookout for more things to like (see sidebar). 

Until soon,

R & (r)