Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Domestic Epiphanies

This vernal equinox, we offer you a bit of spring cleaning.  Below please find three domestic epiphanies.

1.  Cara Nicoletti over at yummy books creates dishes based on notable moments in literature, like these Victorian seed cakes for Jane Eyre.  The blog's attention to the connections between reading and eating strikes a cord with us here in the oonaverse, where reading and cooking/eating sometimes happen simultaneously (and sometimes we blog about how they happen simultaneously (and sometimes we then create a kitchen analogy to address questions of poetic form (and perhaps Sidney Mintz would tell us this sort of doubled/tripled/quadrupled consumption confuses our constructions of time))).  Yummy books tends to focus on novels and young adult literature...and so, because it is the first day of spring and we are feeling brave, we'd like to issue a challenge/invitation.  Yummy books, will you cook a contemporary poem for us?  

2. We've long adored Idiots' Books in the privacy of our own barns, but now we're ready to adore them in a public and formal way.

3. Because we're keeping it close to home today, a shout-out to our homegirl Sheera Talpaz, who has two new poems on ink node this week.  She wouldn't like if we called them neo-confessional, so we won't, but let's just say that her peculiar version of (anti-)sentiment takes a certain kind of bravery.