Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Aesthetic Categories

You'll see the cute, zany & interesting everywhere after reading our (r)'s brilliant review of Sianne Ngai's latest work, out from Harvard University Press:

"By indexing the kinds of feeling-based judgments we make in our daily lives, Ngai opens up questions about how emotions can act in social contexts more generally, how our private experiences might shape our political and economic discourses."

Ngai leaves us thinking about cuteness, zaniness & interest in recent poetic experiments...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

oonavent: Poets House & Omnidawn NYC

The oonaverse converged last night at Poets House to attend a reading & celebration for the always imPressive Omnidawn.  Some of our favorite poets shared 6-minute micro-readings, calling the soirĂ©e a family reunion of sorts.  We were honored to be the paparazzi in attendance!

Rusty Morrison & Ken Keegan with fall galleys!  Thanks Omnidawn for all you do!

Gillian ConoleyAaron Shurin & Michelle Taransky pose like the Kardashians.  (We pick up a review copy of Taransky's forthcoming book & are totally psyched!)

Michelle Taransky & Richard Meier are luminous.  

Norma Cole speaks of maps & bees, Bin Ramke & Myung Mi Kim listen.

It Girl Kelli Anne Noftle & Bin Ramke strike a pose!

Coming soon to oona: Eliot Weinberger's new translation of The Poems of Octavio Paz (New Directions), Kent Johnson's controversial work of investigative criticism, A Question Mark Above the Sun (Starcherone Books), & oona heads to Berkeley for the Conference on Ecopoetics.  Stay tuned!