Friday, March 1, 2013

oonavent: Conference on Ecopoetics, Berkeley CA

The oonaverse converged last weekend for the Conference on Ecopoetics in sunny Berkeley.  There we consumed poetry & vistas & slow-cooked tempeh & good conversation!  A few of our favorite souvenirs included Joshua Marie Wilkinson's poem-films (like this one) & our new obsession with Emily Dickinson's herbarium (thanks, Gillian Osborne!) & a renewed desire to travel to a volcano & write about it (of which more later) & Matthias Regan's dramatic-poem-as-conference-paper (The parasite universalized as life./What is the poet to do?).  We enjoyed the chance to reconnect with several perennial oona muses & also to eat what we're pretty sure was panna cotta with pine needles in it & we're comfortable with that.  Also, & this is a big also, on the plane to California some of us finally got up the nerve to read Anne Carson's Red Doc > after traveling with it for over 12,000 miles because reading the sequel to your favorite book (not counting Lyrical Ballads & Jane Eyre) is terrifying.  We'll have that dispatch for you soon, along with reviews of some great spring reads. 

Until then, dear reader,

      stay warm,

           R & (r)